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The Lind Initiative in U.S. Studies

The Lind Initiative in U.S. Studies is an annual dialogue series hosted by the Liu Institute for Global Issues, part of the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, and is made possible by a generous gift from Philip Lind (BA’66, LLD’02). Created to address the most urgent issues of our time, the initiative invites prominent American scholars, writers and intellectuals to UBC to conduct research and share ideas with students, faculty and the wider community on a particular theme.

Through high profile speakers, discussions with UBC students, faculty, alumni and community, The Lind Initiative in U.S. Studies aims to provoke a national conversation around issues that not only affect American society, but Canada and the world as well. Our Spring 2018 Series will explore “The Unravelling of the Liberal Order” with visits from many of the world’s leading intellectuals on the liberal order including Ed Luce, Francis Fukuyama, Susan Rice, Steven Pinker, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and others. Take a look at our Current Series page for more details on the upcoming series.

The focus of the Lind Initiative’s inaugural year, 2015, was the “Politics of Inequality.” The dialogue was led by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, who joined UBC to teach and lecture in a course specially designed around the theme of inequality. The theme for 2016 was the “U.S. Election Campaign” and explored how populism is transforming American politics, how dark money shaped the election, and the shifts in the GOP. Our 2017 series explored “The Trump Impact: Change, challenges, responses” and was led by professor, author, and former United States Labor Secretary Robert Reich.  Learn more on our Past Series page.

The Lind Initiative in U.S. Studies values diverse perspectives among our speakers and we strive to represent a diversity of genders, cultures, ethnicities, professional backgrounds, and more in our programming. We strive to provide an inclusive dialogue in each series.

The Liu Institute for Global Issues is an interdisciplinary research hub for emerging global issues in the Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Liu Institute strives to catalyze innovative thinking and positive change, bridging the gap between academics and practitioners to transform research into actions. Our scholars pursue a policy-led approach that encourages examination of economic, social and environmental interactions and solutions that advance sustainability, security and social justice, particularly in lower income communities.