PPGA 591C Lind Initiative Seminar

WHAT: A 3-credit course

WHEN: Winter Semester, 3:00-5:00pm on Thursdays from January 9 to April 13th

WHERE: Liu 316

INSTRUCTORS: This course will be co-taught by Kathryn Gretsinger, Associate Professor of Teaching at the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, and Maxwell Cameron, Professor in the Department of Political Science and the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs.

WHO CAN APPLY: This is a competitive entry graduate course for UBC students from any faculty. Graduate students and undergraduates in their fourth year or above are encouraged to apply.

BACKGROUND: (Un)Civil Discourse: Political Polarization in the US

The United States is polarized like never before. While not alone in this respect, polarization in the United States is especially pernicious because it is accompanied by a high degree of negative partisanship as well as the unchecked spread of misinformation and disinformation. As a result, uncivil discourse—the use of language which is insulting, contemptuous, and which knowingly misattributes the motives of others—and political violence is on the rise, as witnessed in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Disillusioned with the state of political discourse, many Americans wish to restore civility. But how can a civil culture be reimagined in the current era?

This series not only explores some of the major factors fueling the rancor and divisiveness in American politics, but crucially it asks how can citizens and leaders find common ground across a range of political issues that divide them? Since Canadians are not immune to these forces, we too must ask how to sustain the respectful, honest, and deep conversations we need to address the substantive challenges facing democratic societies.

Applications for the 2023 seminar on “(Un)Civil Discourse” are now closed

Contact info: lind.initiative@ubc.ca

PPGA 591C Lind Initiative Seminar
PPGA 591C Lind Initiative Seminar