Francis Fukuyama

Senior Fellow, Stanford University

Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama is one of the world’s most prominent scholars of the liberal order. He has held several positions throughout his illustrious career, and is currently a senior fellow at Stanford University.  He is professor (by courtesy) of political science. His 1992 book, The End of History and the Last Man, in many ways began the conversation about the longevity of global liberalism.

Phil Lind Initiative Visiting Fellow, Robert Muggah, sat down with Francis Fukuyama to speak in more depth about his views on the series theme. Watch the interview below as Fukuyama responds to the following questions:

  1. What have you seen in recent years that indicates a retreat in the liberal order?
  2. How would you characterize the decline of the liberal order? Where is this taking us?
  3. If the future of the liberal order is uncertain, what is the alternative? Chaos?
  4. What should leaders focus on in this time of uncertainty?
  5. Do you see a commitment to the ideals of the liberal order among younger generations?
Phil Lind Initiative Interview with Francis Fukuyama on the "The Unravelling of the Liberal Order”

Listen to the full-length interview in audio here:

View: The Unravelling of the Liberal Order

Francis Fukuyama

The UBC Phil Lind Initiative Presents: Francis Fukuyama

We hosted Francis Fukuyama, one of the world’s most prominent scholars of the liberal order, as part of the Phil Lind Initiative series on “The Unravelling of the Liberal Order” at the University of British Columbia on January 25, 2018. Watch his full talk here.